Friday, June 25, 2004


It was my birthday yesterday and i was so excited! lol. i got The Calling's aslbum... the Muse album... lotsa money (which i did actually spend that day... :-P ) um.. a new top from Megan... a £5 WHS voucher from Rachael... um... nothing from Gus... (lol) um... an email from Fintan...:-P um.. a text from Serafina, Anna, Jess, Ben, Phil, Cassey, Megan, and Gus... a hug from the 'rents.. oooh! cakes from 'work'... they were YUMAY!... some choccy from the g.'rents.. hmm... oooh so i went shopping n got a new top.. two new pairs of trews.. and got distracted by Ben Texztin me.. so i got sum gum aswell :-)
and thats my life so far.. lol xxx


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