Thursday, September 02, 2004

Good? or Bad?

Although many students have already gone back to the hellish workload and long hours of torture that many adults and parents calmly call 'school'. Out of pure boredom and the fact that i haven't really seen ANY of my friends for approximately six weeks, i am actually quite pleased to be going back 'inside'. It occured to me, while i was alone last night, that although many students continuously complain about the fact of returning to 'The Hellhole of Doom', most of them actually would rather be at school than spend six weeks at home, doing chores etc.

anyways gotta go n get beautifyed! lol (not possible)


Blogger pirate_freak said...

not me. my school literally is a hellhole, and the priciple is the flippin devil-woman!!

8 September 2004 at 02:43  
Blogger ME! :-) said...

:O really? our head isn't as bad as a devil-woman! but he does have HORRIBLE B.O. and puts his bad breath all over you if he speaks to you!

9 September 2004 at 16:58  

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