Saturday, September 04, 2004


I can't explain dreams, i really can't. Some people say they're connected to the day before - things you've seen or heard, etc. But others say it is a time where you brain tries to recouperate, and therefore puts all kinds of random thoughts into your mind and strings them all together as dreams. I prefere the latter as it seems to make a lot more sense to me seeing as all the dreams i have been having recently are totally random! Some people also claim they can read the 'messages' that dreams send us, so if anyone is out there reading this and knows about that stuff, can you please explain what Fish Pie has to do with anything? Or where im going to watch a movie with my friends and it turns out to be a totally disgusting porn film(it was really not nice), that my friends are all really enjoying when i think it's sick, instead of a chick-flick???


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