Saturday, October 30, 2004

OH! the delights of shopping...

Hehe! I know it's REALLY early.. and.. its months away from the actual date... BUT... I HAVE A BALL DRESS! im soo excited! In the UK (unlike the US, it seems), there is usually one or two, at the most, possible chances to dress up all lovely, etc. and attend a Ball. Or Prom. Or Gathering. Whichever. So it's kinda the highlight of the G.C.S.E year. Our Year 11 ball is the time which announces the last day of our actual compulsary education, so therefore it's a really big deal to many many of the students. soo. anyway.. my dress.. :-P.. Its lovely! its exactly how i wanted it, but with some really nice white embroidery on the front and the 'train'! wooooh! yay! :-D


Blogger Tatertot said...

o'er here, it's prom. or homecoming. then the rest are usually semis...but prom's in spring. and you only see masses of girls stampeding toward the malls/bridal stores come march. i'm surprised that the stores haven't taken advantage of it - dude, there's thanksgiving stuff in august. :)

16 November 2004 at 04:32  
Blogger pirate_freak said...

I like August. My birthday is in August. August 12. Except on this year, it was on the firstay of school.

9 December 2004 at 01:36  

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