Wednesday, January 12, 2005

its a new year.. therefore apparently for some ( although i cannot really be arsed to change anything.. tis pointless) - a new start. many of us all write out, or decide on some tragically difficult new year's resolutions... an action to which i think is rather annoyingly... well.. annoying. i seem to have discovered the fact that many of these resolutions are never carried out for more than, say, two weeks at the most, for simply the reason that all the resolutions made are rather negative. Having to 'give up' something or to 'cut something out' of their life, diet, daily plan, or whatever. But to see how long (for purely experimental purposes) i have agreed with myself to try out some of these dyer acts, and see how long i can keep them up. For this 'program', i have made the resolutions to:
  1. Lay off the cigarrettes - i have not smoked for at least two months now, so i thought i'd start off with something a little bit easier :-P
  2. Revision - since i have some major exams coming up in only four months away, i thought this rather appropriate.
  3. Get fit - well.. fitt-er. lol. I know this is always attempted by at least most of the population, but seeing as i have things to look forward to, such as my end of year ball, i think it will spur me on to actually participate.



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