Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Peeeeeter Kaaayyyy!!!!

What a legend... haha. For all you people out there who are not familiar with him, Peter Kay is a classic Stand up comedien from Bolton in Birmingham... Thus, he has an amazingly Bolton-ish accent. His quotes are hysterical and there is now an obsession with him!

"Mr. Kay, may i seduce you...?"

hehe.. now the group of friends im part of has a copy of his DVD collection.. "Peter Kay, Live in the Bolton Albert Halls" and "Live in the Top of the Tower".
It really is a must for any people who love stand up comedy!

hehe Mr. Kay.. if you read this.. you ARE a legend... a token to our society...

(i'm sooo jealous that My lil Princess Alex got to meet him n not i!!!!)

yes.. we worship Peter Kay... we have gatherings in aid of him... haha we soujnd so pathetic.. but ITS NOT :-