Wednesday, September 29, 2004

i can't believe what i have missed!

I really have been so naíve to music of the previous generations! Some of you out there may be surprised to know i have only recently been introduce to the wonders on ACDC! i have now downloaded 'Highway to Hell' and have it on replay on the computer! Anymore reccomendations to great songs would be much appreciated so i can broaden my knowlege and love of the 'good ol' classics'! lol

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

School is a funny ol' place... If have recently found out that the head teacher allocated £70,000 towards computers 'to make them faster'. This, I think, is a totally pointless idea and a waste of time, money and effort to do something that lower mortals, such as myself, cannot recognise the difference! I honestly think the only good thing about this developement is the fact that we now have an email sertvice with the network connecting every student in the school. I feel there is little point in doing this as the computers seemed perfectly fine n dandy!

Saturday, September 18, 2004


I want to find SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE who knows who Halo are! I know nearly everyone will not have even the remotest idea of anything about them, so here's a few facts on Halo! :

1. They were formed in Bristol, England in 1996
2. Graeme (lead vocals, guitar) and Ian (backing vox, guitar) are brothers, Graeme taught Ian guitar when he was 12.
3. Steve (keyboard, guitar) has the BEST hair- bleached dreads at the mo- looks amazing on him!
4. Jim (drums) left in 2002- couldn't hack it, obv :-P) only joking Jim!
5. they have one album out so far called Lunatic Ride, and have written all their own materiel, including two of their best hits, Sactimonius and Incinerator.
6. Graeme has an amazing 5 8ve rang on his voice.

i can't really be arsed to write anymore! lol xxx
if you know what im talking about, post here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Friday, September 17, 2004

Now what shall poor Cinder's dress be like...?

As for many of us 'lucky' people, we have the end of school ball to look forward to! As a typical female, i have already started looking(ish) for that 'perfect' dress. AND as always,i HAVE found that perfect dress. The only problem is that it's the one Sharon Osbourne wore when she was a bridesmaid to Carmen Electra. :-(
Also some people may say, 'find a copy'- Ive been looking for YONKS FOR IT! GRRRrr! But you should see it- it's really beautiful. It's a plain black corset style dress with a flowing skirt, and a plain black shrug over the top. 'tis low cut [of course ;-) ] and i soooooooo nice!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Doesn't it REALLY annoy you if someone hacks into your hotmail? there's many people who've been lucky enough not to have to endure this annoying occurance, but if you have you will know there is basically nothing you can do about it, and you have now lost ALL of your emails and contacts on msn!!! 'Tis very irritating!

just thought you'd like to know.. i don't have any 'help-sites' because, well... i'm not that intelligetnt and i haven't really got a clue about much... so there ya go.
some really interesting info about... not a lot.

Thursday, September 09, 2004


Can anyone tell me what i look like? i know it sounds really sad but i have to do this questionaire thingy and its on the mind-capabilities thing.
emails to :-P

You actually have to know me to do this, and you have to try and describe me in detail! lol SORRY!

xx Love to all XX

Saturday, September 04, 2004

OOOooohhh i have something interesting for you people to do!
It's EDUCATIONAL! wooooh! So you guys can have fun and learn at the same time!

Just go to... and have a go!!! Lol

xxx Love to you all!


I can't explain dreams, i really can't. Some people say they're connected to the day before - things you've seen or heard, etc. But others say it is a time where you brain tries to recouperate, and therefore puts all kinds of random thoughts into your mind and strings them all together as dreams. I prefere the latter as it seems to make a lot more sense to me seeing as all the dreams i have been having recently are totally random! Some people also claim they can read the 'messages' that dreams send us, so if anyone is out there reading this and knows about that stuff, can you please explain what Fish Pie has to do with anything? Or where im going to watch a movie with my friends and it turns out to be a totally disgusting porn film(it was really not nice), that my friends are all really enjoying when i think it's sick, instead of a chick-flick???

Friday, September 03, 2004

As now a fully-fledged member of the oldest (and apparently the scariest, according to the small year seven students on the same bus as myself) year in the school, i feel obliged to make a small announcement. the fact that there is now a complete and utter madness between the teachers is unacceptable. i don't see why, just because 'we' are the oldest students present, we have to be the ones to set a good example, when as it seems, they have set themselves a good enough example as it is! Also i have a lot of worries about the new catering group. The food is actually atrocious, and the prices have risen enormously! I think it's a rip-off that if you want a baguette or a sandwich for lunch, kids like us have to now pay over £1 for a sandwich and and over £1.50 for half a baguette! It's not fair to try and use us like consumers of the country, as if we have jobs of our own(i mean most of us do, but it's not the point - we can't afford to spend more than necessary on food rather than something more important like clothes.. or... CD's.. or.. books!)!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Good? or Bad?

Although many students have already gone back to the hellish workload and long hours of torture that many adults and parents calmly call 'school'. Out of pure boredom and the fact that i haven't really seen ANY of my friends for approximately six weeks, i am actually quite pleased to be going back 'inside'. It occured to me, while i was alone last night, that although many students continuously complain about the fact of returning to 'The Hellhole of Doom', most of them actually would rather be at school than spend six weeks at home, doing chores etc.

anyways gotta go n get beautifyed! lol (not possible)