Monday, May 31, 2004

omg- u have to try it!

i've just made a 'potion' of alcohol with my friends for a laugh and it actually turn out quite nicely! lol
1. 1 bottle of Vanilla Coke
2. drink most of it
3. add some tequila
4. add some pimms
5. add more pimms
6. add some gin
7. add 3 bottles of Stella
8. drink up babes!!!!


i am so happy! i wonder why everything i worry about DOESN'T turn out as bad as i thought...? not that i'm complaining, as what i thought could turn into a major crisis, is now in fact not a crisis at all, but i a fabarooooo thang! x

Saturday, May 29, 2004

AW! i would cry... but i can't...

it was, unfortunately, the LAST EVER EPISODE OF 'FRIENDS'! Last night! it was rather tragic, and i thought i was going to cry, but i couldn't bring myself to do so....
But what i want to know is, if Rachel and Ross are an item, Pheobe and Mike, are married and so are Monica and Chandler, who has Joey got? BUT then i realised that he has the cutest 'Duck Junior' and 'Chick Junior' ever! (and obviously, he only has to ask and i'll come running!)


I'm soo sorry for this everone, but i have now got a bit of an obsession with crap jokes...(it was Gus, i swear!)
So here goes..
1. Why did the Chicken cross the road?
to get to the other side!

2. Why did the Gum cross the road?
Because it weas stuck to the chicken's foot!

3. Why did the lamb cross the road?
Because it murdered the Chicken!

4. Why did the pervert cross the road?
Because his penis was stuck in the chicken's arse!!!
i am so sick... xx

Big Brother???

i had the weirdest night's sleep EVER last night, as i was watching BB5. Does anyone not think that Marco, although he is hilarious, is actually quite irritating? Also Jason is an arrogant twat, and i've only 'known' him for a few hours!!!! lol x
p.s. try sleeping curled up on a 2 seater sofa- it's actually really comfortable!!!

Friday, May 28, 2004

sing your praises!

Having since had one of the worst weeks EVER, i feel quite a lot... um... i'm not sure what the word is, but i feel better. i would also like to apologise to everyone for being a complete bitch to you all. x

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


hey, does anyone know the site of the yr 11 ball photos? i've seen a couple from Fintan (in which he looks gorgeous, i must say! lol) but that was only 1 or 2. if anyone knows, i would be (almost) eternally grateful. xx

My poor baby...

i would just like to announce the 'illness' of my beloved best friend Megan. she is suffering froma long- term illness called 'the common cold'. the poor moose is laying in bed, as we speak, so ill to even reach for the cold gruel her parents have left her... tragic story... so very tragic... X

oooh, yay!

ooh i'm quite happy at the mo- the sun is shining, my friends are fabaroo(!), and 'pranking Walrus' season seems to be over!
The holidays are coming up in a few days and i have know idea what i'm gonna do, i'm just going to let the 'surf take me to my destiny'. Also i have my 'Work To School' conference tomorrow and Friday, which (from what i have heard from my 'lushtons' in year 11) is going to be quite fun! (not just because i'm going to see all my fit guy-mates in suits! lol) xxx

Saturday, May 22, 2004

this is moi! at halloween!!! Posted by Hello

THIS IS MEEEEE!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! lol i love wallys! Posted by Hello

this is my friend Caroline and me- she's classy! lol (soz i look a lil bit erm.. stoned! lol) Posted by Hello

i'm starting a fresh!

since the recent 'pranking walrus' season has started i've decided that i don't need anyone but myself and my friends.

definition of 'friend' :
1. does not constantly ditch people and go off with other bitches instead.
2. is there for others when needed (unless emergency prevents it)
3. takes into consideration other's feelings, state of mind, and whether it will kill them if you state something.
5. getting the facts right before judgementing
6. giving helpful critisism not just putting them down all the FUCKING TIME!

hhmmm.... that was maybe a bit harsh...
or not

Friday, May 21, 2004


i am sad... can i have a hug please? a nice big bear-hug would do me just fine! xxx

What's the point?

i am really pissed off today, so i'd better not write too much otherwise i'll get carried away...
I LOVE MY FRIENDS BUT THEY PISS ME OFF!!! that just about covers it... xxx missing peeps already! xxx

Thursday, May 20, 2004

it's my party......etc..

i can't help it if what i wana do 4 my birthday it shit! so if no one wants to come, it'll just be me n caz n fintan in a field...:-(
(thats not the bad thing, incase u guys get offended) PLEASE COME PEOPLE! (sorry, no pervs or twats allowed...) x

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

OH..... the JOY...

today is actually really boring... hang on! this WEEK is actually really boring! my lovely mate Bryony is comeing over on Friday- and we have NOTHING to do!!! any ideas will be much appreciated! x


hey people! this is my first post ever! i haven't really got a clue how to do this thang, but i'm working it out!